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Blog June 2013 – Day 15 – The other side of publishing

Tonight we attended a little celebration for a friend of ours who has just had her first book published. She has been writing since her teens and has been married with kids for quite some years, so it has been far from an overnight success. She has been serious about her craft, has been part …

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Blog June 13 – Day 12 – Handwriting – a dying art?

Today I had cause to write a note repeatedly. It was less than 20 words, but I chose to write it out the 8 times required, rather than type it, because I thought it would be quicker and easier. Not only was it not quicker, but my hands got very tired, very quickly.  That’s when …

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Learning about writing

I have learnt a lot about writing in the nearly 3 years that I have been blogging, much of which I haven’t realised until I started writing for other avenues. I am in the process of finishing up one conference paper, reviewing a journal article on the basis of peer review and researching for another …

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