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VALA 2014 – Concurrent Session 3 – Cloud Gazing

Zan Li – First experience of implementing a cloud computing SaaS application – Melbourne Library Service Challenges – more systems and equipment to support and more help needed by the public. Aim to resolve these enquiries in a timely manner, utilise resources better. Looking to manage this process with software. Collected requirements researched solutions and …

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VALA 2014 – Plenary 1 – Christine Borgman – University of California

Christine Borgman (UCLA) – Big data, little data, no data: scholarship in the networked world Information has moved a long way, from oral communication,  cumulatively to virtual. We use them concurrently and in different ways. Need to think about how we work with traditional materials and ‘data’. We need to think of new types of …

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VALA 2014 – L-Plate Series

Today I had the honour of chairing the L-Plate series, a schedule of short talks giving an introduction and foundation to topics that will be a focus of the VALA conference itself in the next three days. Being capable at multi-skilling, I managed to chair as well as take notes, so here are those notes …

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