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Blog every day of June – Security is the next big concern – Thurday 12 June

Public Libraries Victoria Network has a number of special interest groups, including ICT of which I am a part.  We organise and run one or two seminars a year for public library staff in Victoria and have covered RFID, mobile devices, downloadables, digital content, an unconference and more. We were talking about organising our next …

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Near Field Communication Smart Phones and Library RFID

I recently attended the FE User Conference – FE is an Australian company providing RFID to libraries. One of the speakers was Alan Butters who is an Australian RFID expert and was invited to the Conference to talk two projects. This was the first one and is well worth knowing about. Near field communications (NFC) is …

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VALA2010 Current Session 14 – Online Communities

Privacy concerns in social networks and online communities – Amirhossein Mohtaswebi – Extol Corp Malaysia and Parnian Borazjani – Univerity Technology Malaysia – presented by Bart Rutherford. Degrees of trust: with social networks you lose control over 2nd degree onwards, when you have 130 friends in the first degree and those friends have 130 friends …

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