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End of an era – print reference

I have had responsibility for our library’s print reference collection. on and off since 1996. When I first took on this role in 1996, our largest branch – which was both the local and regional reference collection, had 85 shelves of reference books. I’m talking full shelves, 2 metre high shelving and taking up a …

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Blog every day of June – Changing face of the reference collection – Mon 2nd June

As we head into the end of the financial year, I have been finalising the titles that we wish to get on standing order for our print reference collection for the next financial year.  I have been with this library service for many years, but even in the last 15, its amazing how much this …

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End of the hybrid library

Through all my years as a librarian and the different roles I have had, I have always worked with reference collections, usually pretty closely.  Until recently, where my role has been working with the virtual more than print of any type. But as part of my appraisal this year, one of my goals was to …

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