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Mark Pesce – University of Sydney – the Alexandrine Dilemma

Part 1 – Crash through or crash 1999 – Britannica went online, all 30+ volumes. The servers, network connections and all crashed because of the amount of traffic hitting it at once – 50 million people. Britannica had tapped into the need for high quality information. It didnt need to advertise to bring traffic to …

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A Flying Start at UWA Library – breaking internal barriers – Matt Stephenson

Began with the UWA Library strategy 2005-2007, In 2007, they started the Flying Start program for new librarians at UWA. It is a 12 month program that sees new librarians work ½ their time in reader services, the other half in information services, to give them the bigger picture of UWA libraries. Core competencies have …

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Why bother – the joys of professional development and how to get active

Alyson Dalby – I have missed most of the day so far at NLS4 as I have spent most of the time with the Shanachie boys at the State Library of Victoria. More on that later. For now, here I am live blogging for the rest of today and for all of tomorrow (at least …

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