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LibMark Digital Marketing and Libraries Pt 2

I began the afternoon session with a presentation on Web 2.0 and Marketing in Libraries. Unfortunately for the organising commitment, they had a second last minute cancellation, but were fortunate enough to have a couple of people step up and show what they were doing at their library.  Danny was first. Darebin Libraries Website – …

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LibMark Digital Marketing and Libraries Pt 1

After my last post,  it seems only appropriate that this one is my notes taken from a marketing seminar. LibMark, which is the marketing subcommittee of the Public Libraries Victoria Network, ran a full day seminar on Digital Marketing and Libraries on Friday 23rd October.  From here on in are my notes from the day, …

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The M word in focus

Been thinking a lot lately about the dreaded M word – one that often makes librarians apprehensive and quickly pointing it out as someone else’s job.   I used to believe it myself, but can honestly say that it is no longer true. The M word is marketing.  Libraries have called it many other things, including …

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