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VALA 2014 Plenary 3 – Gene Tan – National Library of Singapore – Singapore Memory Project

Got us to share favourite memories of Australia with each other to demonstrate the importance of memory. This is what the Singapore Memory Project is about. It started with a discussion of old playgrounds in Singapore. The library’s Facebook page got 100,000 hits in 24 hours. The project is building a library of Singapore experience. …

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Blog June 2013 – Day 18 – Holy Grail of Librarianship

One of my colleagues was excitedly telling me about a delivery she was waiting on, a limited edition re-creation of the first ever Melways Street Directory (Melbourne). Melways, which is a Melbourne institution was first published in 1976 and my colleague is a local history buff, so this is pure gold to her. (and I …

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Losing our library history

Unfortunately no-one lives forever. I was sad to hear that one of my library services retired staff had passed away. He was a lovely gentleman who drove one of our mobile libraries for what seemed like forever – from when it was a bus, through to an articulated lorry.  And he was a gentleman, endlessly …

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