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Blog every day of June – Security is the next big concern – Thurday 12 June

Public Libraries Victoria Network has a number of special interest groups, including ICT of which I am a part.  We organise and run one or two seminars a year for public library staff in Victoria and have covered RFID, mobile devices, downloadables, digital content, an unconference and more. We were talking about organising our next …

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VALA 2014 – Concurrent Session 3 – Cloud Gazing

Zan Li – First experience of implementing a cloud computing SaaS application – Melbourne Library Service Challenges – more systems and equipment to support and more help needed by the public. Aim to resolve these enquiries in a timely manner, utilise resources better. Looking to manage this process with software. Collected requirements researched solutions and …

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Blog June 2013 – Day 23 – The cloud saved me…….

A lot of time – as I don’t have to rediscover my apps and re-enter contacts. As I posted back on the 13th June, I lost my phone (grinding teeth, distress and grief). But today I got my permanent replacement (my new sim card has been doing a lot of transferring recently). Fortunately, due to …

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