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Online presence in 2008

I have been thinking about this subject for weeks, longer probably and I’m not the only one. There’s been a lot of discussion about what social software people are using, people stopping blogging and some restarting and more. In the light of this, I thought it was about time I sorted out all the myriad …

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Merry Christmas

We don’t usually get a White Christmas here in Australia (although some places did last year), so the usual Christmas carols don’t work as well here. We have an Australian version of Jingle Bells, called appropriately Aussie Jingle Bells and Six White Boomers, from an ex-patriot Australian son – Rolf Harris. Wishing you all a …

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Learning 2.0 – Week 9 – Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio

Wow, final week of Learning 2.0. Taken me a bit more than 9 weeks, but I’ve been a bit distracted with other things. Having finally completed it makes me all the more enthusiastic about starting it at my library, but only after we have our new ILMS bedded down – so probably later this year. …

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