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May 11

Computers in Libraries 2007 Slides

Infotoday now has the Presentations from Computers in Libraries 2007 on their website. So if you are interested you can check out the presentations from pretty much all the sessions at CIL, including the slides (with my speaker notes) and references from my paper “Libraries building community and Library 2.o initiatives in Australia”. I am …

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May 01

Thomas Ford – Study tour 07

Wow, my last visit and I spent a lovely day at Thomas Ford Memorial Library (TFML) in the outer Chicago suburbs. Thomas Ford is a single branch service with 7 librarians plus support staff. However, besides the number of branches and staff, our respective library services have a lot in common – more on that …

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Apr 28

Hennepin 1 – Study tour 07

Had a great day at Hennepin County Public Library (HCPL) on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota. HCPL has a great team managing their web services. They have 4 librarians working on web development (all former adult, teens or childrens librarians), 2 programmers who are also librarians, an intranet staffer, a support staffer and an Office …

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Apr 18

CIL 2007 – Mashups, remixing info & making data browsable – Karen Huffman and Derek Willis

Couldn’t get to a power or get my laptop out in this crowded session, so had to use treeware and now is the first chance to type this up. This session was Monday morning, so sorry for the delay. Karen Huffman spoke of her experiences at National Geographic (NG). Web 2.0 is what we are …

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Apr 17

CIL 2007 – Dynamic Instructional Content: Library 2.0 on a budget – Chad Boeninger

Chad’s voice is Library Voice, check it out. What this presentation is about is wikis, blogs, podcasts, screencasts, surveys, polls, and other tools. Learning occurs everywhere, not just in the classroom. Librarians teach one shot instruction sessions, often attempting to squeeze too many learning objectives into the one session. Pre-class preparation – alternatives to handouts …

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Apr 13

Princeton Public Library 2 – Study Tour 2007

After a beautiful lunch of soup and salad, it was back to talking with Janie Hermann, one of the Library Garden bloggers, who is also presenting at CIL 2007. Princeton Library runs a Databytes program, where twice a month, a librarian gives a session on a technology topic. That day, Romina – who coordinated my …

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Feb 19

Learning 2.0 Week 7 – Wikis

I am very aware of wikis and think they are a great tool. I first came across wikis a few years back on a gaming website that I inhabit regularly. It was sooooo easy to use and I didn’t realise at first what it was. When I did realise, I was even more impressed. Now …

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Feb 05

Online Conference 2007 – Day 2 Session 3

Dr Damian Conway, a futurist from Monash Uni spoke on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Convergence. What? I’ll explain. We had quite a few people talking about libraries in the short term, Damian was looking further, 10 to 20 years. Spoke about the insatiable need for information in our society, which places libraries and librarians in …

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Jan 31

Information Online 2007 – Day 2 Session 2

Kate Wilson and Chelsea Harper then reported on their study of the Blog and Wiki landscape in Australia as of June 2006. Limited literature available on this topic, so most of their info came from a study run from Apr – Jun 06. Blogs and wikis are being used for reference database/manuals, public resource guides, …

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Dec 24

12 days of Library 2.0

My boss thought of a great theme for our last blog post for the year, based loosely at the Christmas season, on the 12 days of Christmas. So here’s my personal Library 2.0 achievements for 2006. 1. Got involved in contributing to a second blog (besides my first) – the VALA blog2. Celebrated my first …

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