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Jun 14

What are your regular go-to information websites?

Just getting a few things done before heading off to do a late shift and visiting a few of my regular websites that I go to for information on a regular basis.  Yes, amazingly I still use the Internet for more than social networking, banking, photos, communication, game playing and fan fic reading, etc etc. …

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Feb 28

Michael Stephens – Web 2.0 and Libraries: best practices for social software

Here’s the notes from the afternoon session of Michael Stephen’s visit to Melbourne. Over 70 librarian, mostly not all from public libraries were presented with an interesting and informative session, with plenty of inspiration to take back to their libraries. World is changing, especially in the last few years.  Its getting smaller, collaboration is happening …

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Apr 28

Hennepin 1 – Study tour 07

Had a great day at Hennepin County Public Library (HCPL) on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota. HCPL has a great team managing their web services. They have 4 librarians working on web development (all former adult, teens or childrens librarians), 2 programmers who are also librarians, an intranet staffer, a support staffer and an Office …

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Apr 20

PLCMC 2 – Study Tour 2007

An amazing service is provided from the lower area of ImaginOn. Storytimes to go (STG) provides pre-literacy kits for preschool teachers and carers. The kits are themed and aimed at getting children interested in reading. The kits have 8 to 12 picture books, a booklet of original activities written by the staff (of 4), flannelboard …

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Apr 18

C IL2007 – Reinventing the Library in the Internet Era – Rebecca Kahl & Aniel Sud/Clyde Miles

A project from Cuyahoga County Public Library. Patron needs were changing, the library profession was changing as was library service. Device evolution put pressure on staff who were uncomfortable with the new technologies. Needed to adapt staff, services and website to meet the changing needs of their community. Wanted more than a site, wanted a …

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