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Jun 09

Blog every day of June – Great website advice – Mon 9 June

Its always interesting to read the stories, experiences and advice of library web specialists, but never more so than when you are faced with a website redesign. As this is where we are, at present, David Lee King’s recent series of blog posts entitled “Developing an Online First Mentality” is very timely. So rather than …

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Feb 09

Guinness Archive: unlocking the potential of an iconic global brand – Eibhlin Roche

Working as an archivist in a business, specifically in a brand environment. Guinness Archive framework– digitisations, dissemination of information, types of users and their needs, accessibility to information, intellectual property, cataloguing prioritisation and copyright. Background: was founded on New Year’s Eve 1759, by a young brewer signed a 9000 year lease. It is brewed in …

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Sep 24

VALA Presents David Lee King

Was very happy to be able Friday 23rd September’s seminar in Melbourne with David Lee King from Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, fresh from his appearance at NLS #5 in Perth and Hamish Curry from the State Library of Victoria – presented by VALA: Libraries, Technology & the Future Inc. (thanks guys for organising …

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Sep 15

Information flow

I am very big on efficiency, including ensuring that our information flow from our library is used as effectively as possible. Our library has five blogs, four of which are hosted by Blogger. To make the most of this content, to ensure that people are seeing it when they don’t know about the blogs (and …

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Jul 10

An unexpected discovery

I posted a little while ago about how the National Library of Australia was going to be archiving Connecting Librarian as part of the Pandora Archive. Well they don’t muck about! Like many others out there, I have a vanity search on my name and my blog, using Google Alerts. This arrived in my email …

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Jul 03

Building a library website with Drupal Pt. 2

In the first post, I revisited how we came to be building a new website and how we ended up with Drupal. And now to be continued ……… Initially learning Drupal was harder than I thought it would be. We couldn’t get our heads around how it worked, as it was so different to anything …

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Jun 05

Building a library website with Drupal Pt. 1

In the process of completing this largish (for me) project at work, I thought it would be good to get down in some logical order, a bit about the project, what we learned, what was hard/easy and what we would change.  It will take more than one post to get it all down, so I …

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Feb 28

The Hyperlinked Library – a presentation by Michael Stephens

I was very happy to be able to attend a day of presentations by Michael Stephens of Tame the Web today. I met Michael for breakfast one morning towards the end of my study tour last year, so it was wonderful to renew our acquaintance. Although the time was all too short, it was great …

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Aug 06

Quote for the day

Blogging has been light lately, but I couldn’t resist sharing this. “After all, if a library’s reach cannot exceed its grasp, then what’s a website for?” editec Its a nice little reminder of what the virtual side of libraries is all about and the importance of all the work I do that’s not always so …

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