Category: Web 2.0

Sep 24

VALA Presents David Lee King

Was very happy to be able Friday 23rd September’s seminar in Melbourne with David Lee King from Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, fresh from his appearance at NLS #5 in Perth and Hamish Curry from the State Library of Victoria – presented by VALA: Libraries, Technology & the Future Inc. (thanks guys for organising …

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Sep 15

Information flow

I am very big on efficiency, including ensuring that our information flow from our library is used as effectively as possible. Our library has five blogs, four of which are hosted by Blogger. To make the most of this content, to ensure that people are seeing it when they don’t know about the blogs (and …

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Mar 02

International Hug a Librarian Day

Yesterday, Tuesday 1st March 2011, was International Hug a Librarian Day. It was well spread across the Internet, with many a mention on Twitter, many blog posts and even a Facebook event. Responses to the whole concept of International Hug a Librarian Day ranged from “don’t touch me” to full on embracing (lol) of the …

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Jan 19

When do we upgrade or change?

Not talking about jobs here, just wondering what the trigger is for upgrading our systems/processes etc or moving to another one.  Are they entirely of our own decision, or more often than not, are these decisions triggered by circumstances beyond our control, which force us into such moves. I got thinking about this initially, because …

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Aug 03

ProBlogger Training Day – Part One

I was so fortunate to be able to attend the ProBlogger training day held in Melbourne today. If you don’t know ProBlogger (Darren Rowse) – check him out. He is one of the foremost authorities on blogging and an Aussie as well and he gathered together a great group of blogging colleagues to present a …

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Aug 01

Digital isolation

I have not been online in a social/professional manner much since I started as Acting Branch Manager in late May, but its only lately that I have really started to feel a loss. Much of my day to day work still involves computers, but it is so all over the place. One moment it is …

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May 16

My online reputation

I have been reading a bit about this lately through various blogs and articles, including Your Virtual Brand by Meredith Farkas in American Libraries, but it all came very close to home through a couple of things that happened to me personally. The first was news I shared on Twitter. I didn’t think much about …

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Apr 03

Anatomy of a Library 2.0 Masterclass

I had the wonderful, exhausting and exhilarating job of presenting a two day Libraries 2.0 Masterclass this week, with the delightful Kathryn Greenhill.  Glad to say, it was an all round success, with wonderful feedback and responses from our 19 attendees. Kathryn has covered the days with our tweets, through a Cover It Live session …

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Mar 24

Ada Lovelace Day 2010 – Kathryn Greenhill

March 24th means its Ada Lovelace Day and I am taking the opportunity to blog about a woman in technology in libraries that I have great admiration for. Before I do, if you want to read more about Ada Lovelace Day, check out the website and all the other great entries that will appear there, …

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Feb 23

A shameless plug

I have been very busy since VALA2010, preparing presentations for a forthcoming seminar. So here’s my shameless plug. It is with great delight that I will be presenting “Libraries 2.0: using Web 2.0 and new media to revolutionise your library or information centre“, with my Libraries Interact co-blogger, colleague and friend, Kathryn Greenhill from Librarians …

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