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Feb 09

Guinness Archive: unlocking the potential of an iconic global brand – Eibhlin Roche

Working as an archivist in a business, specifically in a brand environment. Guinness Archive framework– digitisations, dissemination of information, types of users and their needs, accessibility to information, intellectual property, cataloguing prioritisation and copyright. Background: was founded on New Year’s Eve 1759, by a young brewer signed a 9000 year lease. It is brewed in …

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Feb 07

Empowering e-Science, eMpowering libraries – Xiaolin Zhang – VALA 2012

Xiaolin Zhan is the head of the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences Lots of information challenges to e-science: eScience is built on a lot of data – it is smart data, not just because you can play with it using computers, but because of forthcoming technologies like semantic publishing, and computable. It …

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Feb 07

Libraries & the Post-PC era – Jason Griffey – VALA 2012

Steve Jobs 2010 – analogy to cars – we have had PCs for 30 years, but now our needs are being fulfilled by other devices – pads and smart phones for example.  Once upon a time………… there was a princess, the princess loved books, but the princess also loved computers – enamoured with the digital, …

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Jun 12

Doing the old things – for traditions sake?

Its Day 12 of the 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and my pondering today came out of a walk with the dog. I regularly walk the dog past a water basin in our area, which is heavily fenced off, with a double locked gate being the only entry. More often than not, the …

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Jun 11

Insight into Victorian Public Library Experience with Downloadables

Its Day 11 of the 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and as promised, here’s my notes from yesterday’s seminar. Insight into Victorian Public Library Experience with Downloadables – Thursday 10th June 2010 101m-4pm Kenneth Harris – Port Phillip Library They have recently implemented Wave Sound eaudio downloads. Not many choices in terms of …

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Mar 24

Ada Lovelace Day 2010 – Kathryn Greenhill

March 24th means its Ada Lovelace Day and I am taking the opportunity to blog about a woman in technology in libraries that I have great admiration for. Before I do, if you want to read more about Ada Lovelace Day, check out the website and all the other great entries that will appear there, …

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Apr 25

Newspapers and the Internet

There have been a lot of stories going around the last few months, about the future of newspapers and how they are in jeopardy because of the Net. (great links and summary of key articles at Rosen’s Flying Seminar in the Future of News) I’ll refer to some of those, whilst giving a personal perspective …

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Dec 05

More from Shanachietour and NLS4

Today was the first day of NLS4, which I have blogged about already, but only the last afternoon session and plenary. I missed a lot because I ended up spending most of the day with other public librarians and Erik and Jaap the Shanachietour guys. I began the day at the State Library of Victoria …

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Dec 03

Shanachietour Down Under 2008 hits Melbourne

I had the great pleasure of attending the latest stop in the Shanachie Tour down under, held today at the State Library. I introduced myself to them before we started, and as expected, to be absolutely delightful and a joy to chat with. I looking forward to seeing them also at NLS4 on Friday. So …

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Sep 04

ALIA Dreaming 08 – Fri AM 2nd Plenary – Alan Smith

Re-imagining library services: a new collaborative vision by Alan Smith – NSLA NSLA comprises the Australian state, territory, national libraries and the national library of New Zealand. They are working to build the next stage of libraries for our users. The 4 key points and 10 projects are making way and getting librarians out of …

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