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Oct 29

Leading lights – SLV – Friday 25th October 2013

Leading Lights was a seminar showcasing winners from the State Library of Victoria’s Ramsay and Reid Scholarships and from the Pierre Gorman Award.  I was the first presenter, talking about my study tour of 2007 and how much things had changed since then.  (See the slides on my Presentation page). Hereafter are my notes taken …

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Apr 15

Darien Library 2 – Study tour 2007

After a delicious lunch out chatting with Darien‘s team of librarian bloggers, I sat down with Barbara, Janet, Caitlin and Kim to talk about their podcasting efforts. They use an already bought Edirol MP3 Recorder (from Roland). They record, then do minimal processing of the file before uploading it to their website. When recording a …

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Apr 13

Princeton Public Library 2 – Study Tour 2007

After a beautiful lunch of soup and salad, it was back to talking with Janie Hermann, one of the Library Garden bloggers, who is also presenting at CIL 2007. Princeton Library runs a Databytes program, where twice a month, a librarian gives a session on a technology topic. That day, Romina – who coordinated my …

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Apr 11

Princeton Public Library 1 – Study Tour 2007

This is my first study tour blog post and in the interests of readability, I will break down the entries so that they don’t end up being too long. This is only a representation of what I discover, to blog it all would be more like a book than a blog post! My first stop …

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Apr 05

Passion and work

I haven’t blogged lately due to the preparations for my study tour, which I begin on Monday. Its going to be a full on trip away, but I leave behind my husband and two young children so there’s been a lot to organise here too. I have wondered quite a bit about how I can …

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Nov 25

Study tour

I’m so excited! I have just been presented with the Margery C. Ramsay award, by the Library Board of Victoria. Stepping back a moment, a bit of background. The Library Board of Victoria, through the State Library of Victoria, offers 2 scholarships each year, in honour of Margery C. Ramsay and Barrett Reid, “two eminent …

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