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Mar 22

Renew, rethink, revitalize – a mini conference at the State Library of Victoria

I was one of the 270 public library staff who attended this great event, created and hosted by the State Library of Victoria.  Besides the three keynotes, the rest of the presentations were by library staff doing interesting things in their libraries.  They were all awesome. Here are my notes: Renew, rethink and revitalise mini …

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Nov 25

Electro Magnetic Radiation Testing on RFID equipment at Port Phillip Library

  EMR Testing at St Kilda Library – Alan Butters   When Port Phillip Library was introducing RFID, there was a lot of staff concern regarding electro-magnetic radiation. Australia has standards for this from ARPANSA – the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.   This was the first time that this had been explored …

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Jul 19

Emerging Technology Forum – Geelong 2012

I was happy to again be attending the ETF, which is a collaborative training event organised by Deakin University, Geelong Regional Libraries and Gordon TAFE. With a new format and new location and with a theme of “Using technology well”, it was an amazingly insightful day. Here’s my amazingly detailed notes from the day – …

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Jun 15

Handling criticism at work

To be clear, I am talking about when your work or an area of your responsibility is criticised. I take great pride in my work and I work hard, which makes it all the more difficult when that work is criticised. My initial response is always defensive, accompanied by the desire to vent, curl up …

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Feb 13

Library Camp Australia – Melbourne 2012

After a week chock full of wonderful conference joy at VALA, it was a further joy and a bit of a relief to be able to attend Library Camp Australia 2012, at the Unversity of Melbourne on February 12th. Here are my assorted notes from the course of the day.  1st session – Jason Griffey …

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Feb 08

The informatics transform: re-engineering libraries for the Data Decade – Liz Lyon

Data is a the new oil – Andres Weigend – Stanford. There is millions of pieces of data being collected every hour of every day. Data on every corner of the world is being collected. One of the last areas of global mapping is the oceans, but even now they have robotic vessels covered in …

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Feb 08

New Directions – Concurrent Session 8 – VALA 2012

What is the catalogue – Helen Livingston – University of South Australia Catalogue is a register of all items found in the library. (showed Wikipedia definition – long). Told us Charles Cutter”s definition – incorporates what there is and where can I find it. Who is the catalogue for? Our users, but not sure if …

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Jan 03

Year of unexpected PD

2010 was an interesting, challenging, awesome and also a frustrating year for me in terms of PD – professional development. It was taken up almost entirely by taking on the Acting Branch Manager (ABM) role at our largest library. The plans for doing so went into place in April for a start in August, but …

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Jul 27

Library Day in the Life – Round 5

Today, Monday 26th July, 2010 was Round 5 in the Library Day in the Life, where librarians around the globe write about what they did. Its a snapshot in the working life of librarians and builds an amazing picture of the wider ranging work that librarian’s do. So anyway, here’s my contribution to the big …

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Jun 25

Putting on a public face

Its Day 25 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and I was reminded of what good poker faces librarians have when it comes to some days of dealing with our users. One of our staff was at work, but feeling a little under the weather today and when she made a request of …

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