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Jun 11

Blog every day of June – Changing things up – Wed 11 June

We do an email Quick Quiz once a fortnight for staff. Β We send an email to them, focused on one of our online resources, asking three questions that involve them just doing quick exploration of the resource to answer. They then submit the answers and it is included in their performance appraisal. We started this …

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Jan 04

What’s the point of learning……

I love learning new things. Β These are just some of the reasons: I’m curious I like knowing things I like knowing answers to questions people ask I like knowing something about things people are talking about I’m a sticky beak (some people might say a know-it-all) I’m a librarian – that’s what I do! πŸ™‚ …

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Jun 27

Learning difficulties – what I learned about them

After talking about blogging and seminars etc, I thought it only appropriate to record my notes here from my most recent seminar. I attended this one as host. One of our libraries hosted a seminar “When great minds don’t think alike” with Nadine Shome from Reminds. Nadine created a company that helps children with learning …

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Apr 06

Public Libraries Victoria Network – ICT Unconference March 2012

On Thursday 22nd March, I was convener of the Public Libraries Victoria Network, ICT Special Interest Group Unconference in Melbourne. Forty-seven enthusiastic library staff attended, from a wide range of public libraries from across Victoria. After a quick introduction and some guidelines, people put down their topics of interest on presentation paper. Astoundingly, after a …

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Feb 08

The informatics transform: re-engineering libraries for the Data Decade – Liz Lyon

Data is a the new oil – Andres Weigend – Stanford. There is millions of pieces of data being collected every hour of every day. Data on every corner of the world is being collected. One of the last areas of global mapping is the oceans, but even now they have robotic vessels covered in …

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Jun 11

Insight into Victorian Public Library Experience with Downloadables

Its Day 11 of the 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and as promised, here’s my notes from yesterday’s seminar. Insight into Victorian Public Library Experience with Downloadables – Thursday 10th June 2010 101m-4pm Kenneth Harris – Port Phillip Library They have recently implemented Wave Sound eaudio downloads. Not many choices in terms of …

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Apr 03

Anatomy of a Library 2.0 Masterclass

I had the wonderful, exhausting and exhilarating job of presenting a two day Libraries 2.0 Masterclass this week, with the delightful Kathryn Greenhill.Β  Glad to say, it was an all round success, with wonderful feedback and responses from our 19 attendees. Kathryn has covered the days with our tweets, through a Cover It Live session …

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Sep 26

Melbourne Unconference 2008

It was a great day. Even though I had wireless access, I was having too much fun in the sessions and too busy networking in the times between, to do any blog posting during the day. An icebreaker activity of teams creating the fartherest flying missile got things off and running and the topics were …

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Apr 25

Web Junction – Study tour 2007

Today I was warmly welcomed by Denise Stewart at the Dublin, Ohio offices of Web Junction. OCLC is located on a large green expanse outside of Columbus Ohio. ItÒ€ℒs an awesome complex on a beautiful location with approximately 1,000 staff working out of two of the three OCLC owned buildings on site. Photos have been …

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Apr 17

CIL 2007 – Dynamic Instructional Content: Library 2.0 on a budget – Chad Boeninger

Chad’s voice is Library Voice, check it out. What this presentation is about is wikis, blogs, podcasts, screencasts, surveys, polls, and other tools. Learning occurs everywhere, not just in the classroom. Librarians teach one shot instruction sessions, often attempting to squeeze too many learning objectives into the one session. Pre-class preparation – alternatives to handouts …

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