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Feb 04

VALA 2014 – Plenary 2 – Johann Bollen – Indiana University

Social media as an agent of socio-economic change – Johann Bollen – Indiana University. Our world is not just physical but also subsists on a virtual array. World internet usage in 2012 – 7 billion people in the world, 2.4 billion online and it is growing – 35% of the world is online. Lowest is …

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Jun 10

Blog June 2013 – Day 10 – Social media monitoring

We planned an afternoon out and thought it would be nice to eat lunch somewhere close to our intended destination. So I went online, looking for eatery options and discovered a range of reviews available for the one I chose to focus on. The reviews were mostly very positive, but a couple were not, focused on …

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Jul 19

Emerging Technology Forum – Geelong 2012

I was happy to again be attending the ETF, which is a collaborative training event organised by Deakin University, Geelong Regional Libraries and Gordon TAFE. With a new format and new location and with a theme of “Using technology well”, it was an amazingly insightful day. Here’s my amazingly detailed notes from the day – …

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Jun 20

Social networking and breaking news

Social networking again proved its worth last night, when within seconds of the Melbourne Earthquake, there were tweets and Facebook statuses galore as people from around Victoria reported in with their own experiences. This quickly gave us all a picture of what had happened, which was just as well, because the media took quite a …

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Jun 04

Quietly responding to social media

I have a vanity search that I check regularly, using NetVibes – searching on our 7 library branch names (and mobile) and our library service name and any common variants on them. We don’t get a lot of traffic, so I only check it once a week. Last week, I came across a tweet about …

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Feb 07

Discover – Concurrent Session 2 – VALA 2012

Alison Delitt and Sarah Schindeler – NLA – Trove – the terrors and triumphs of service-based social media Trove – free online search tool that brings together bibliographic records from libraries and archives. Best known for OCR, human corrected digitised newspapers. Trove already has an interactive base – including lists, tagging, comments and more. Social …

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Feb 06

Using mobile and social media to enrich the visitor experience – VALA 2012

This VALA Boot Camp session was a lesson not only in social and mobile media, but in user design. Here are my notes from the session. Will Donovan from Will Donovan and Mark Watson from Design Providence.  Mobile and social media – what’s all the fuss?  37 million iPhones sold in the last quarter in …

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Jun 17

Twitter: the nth wave

I joined Twitter quite a few years ago and over time my use of it has developed, until we now have a settled relationship, where I use it almost exclusively as a professional development and support tool. Which means I look to other librarians for interesting information, new ideas and to support and find support …

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Jun 09

Self esteem and social networking

As I mentioned in an earlier this week, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was on my birthday that this thought process entered my ever rambling mind. Part of my birthday being a good day was as a result of all the birthday greetings I got, both through Twitter and …

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Jun 01

Separating out our online lives

I’ll start off with a gentle warning. Your feed reader/email box is going to suffer an influx from myself and many other Australian Library bloggers as we participate in the 2nd Annual Blog Every Day of June. Last year I was in an Acting Branch Manager role, early days, so I had something to talk …

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