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Nov 25

Electro Magnetic Radiation Testing on RFID equipment at Port Phillip Library

  EMR Testing at St Kilda Library – Alan Butters   When Port Phillip Library was introducing RFID, there was a lot of staff concern regarding electro-magnetic radiation. Australia has standards for this from ARPANSA – the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.   This was the first time that this had been explored …

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Nov 16

Near Field Communication Smart Phones and Library RFID

I recently attended the FE User Conference – FE is an Australian company providing RFID to libraries. One of the speakers was Alan Butters who is an Australian RFID expert and was invited to the Conference to talk two projects. This was the first one and is well worth knowing about. Near field communications (NFC) is …

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Jan 03

Year of unexpected PD

2010 was an interesting, challenging, awesome and also a frustrating year for me in terms of PD – professional development. It was taken up almost entirely by taking on the Acting Branch Manager (ABM) role at our largest library. The plans for doing so went into place in April for a start in August, but …

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Feb 06

VALA 2008 Conference – Day 1 – Concurrent Session 10 – Enabling Technologies

Alan Butters – Sybis “New RFID technologies & standards: what does it all mean for your library” handouts available from Alan’s website Two ISO standards in common use – ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 (newest). Tag Data model and privacy and data security mechanisms are not prescribed in these standards. Implications: no interoperability between systems, have …

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Jan 31

Information Online 2007 – Day 2 Session 2

Kate Wilson and Chelsea Harper then reported on their study of the Blog and Wiki landscape in Australia as of June 2006. Limited literature available on this topic, so most of their info came from a study run from Apr – Jun 06. Blogs and wikis are being used for reference database/manuals, public resource guides, …

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