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Nov 04

Hybrid reference endangered

Hybrid reference was what we had in terms of a reference collection when new databases and other online resources started coming in and replacing traditional reference books.  At that stage it was hybrid, because there was still much that was better and more easily satisfied with a reference book, rather than an online resource. That …

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Oct 14

What is customer service in reference?

 This topic first started percolating in my mind when I read “On ethical reference service” ( from Lane Wilkinson at the Sense and Reference blog. It queried whether it was good customer service to help users with their queries by showing them how to use the resources – rather than doing if for them. There’s …

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Sep 03

End of the hybrid library

Through all my years as a librarian and the different roles I have had, I have always worked with reference collections, usually pretty closely.  Until recently, where my role has been working with the virtual more than print of any type. But as part of my appraisal this year, one of my goals was to …

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Feb 13

Information Online 2007 – Day 3 – Session 3

Jo Stewart Rattray from Vectra Corp spoke on “Information Security”. All libraries have information assets we need to protect, would we know if our systems were under attack? An international study found that 70% of all attacks are internal, not necessarily intentional, can be accidental. Information security is confidentiality, integrity and availability of info. 80% …

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