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Jun 14

Blog every day of June – Reading professional literature – Sat 13 June

My kids do sport on Saturday mornings and I spend nearly two hours in the car waiting for them, so this is my opportune time to catch up on reading. I used to do the same thing when they were younger and at swimming lessons, but this is better as I am alone in the …

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Jun 11

Blog June 2013 – Day 11 – Different forms for different reading

I read for pleasure and I read for work and sometimes it is both. I have very established reading patterns as well, something that I hadn’t really thought about until the other day. When I read for my profession, it tends to be articles, blog posts, and the like.  And I read them from paper. …

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Jun 02

Blog June 2013 – Day 2 – ereading

Tomorrow I go to work to a soft launch of e-books.  We are very excited as it has been a long time coming. And we are going in with a bang. This is the first of two vendors we have signed up with, which will end up giving our users over 2000 titles, for all …

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Jun 16

It’s a book

Today at work (yes on Saturday), I was introduced to a new book, which has also has a promotional YouTube video which you can check out. It’s a book by Lane Smith that beautifully and succinctly tells the story of what we commonly run into in libraries, although in a simplified manner. It also outlines …

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Jan 14

My new perspective on reading

A librarian blogging about reading – how unusual!  Only joking of course.  Amazingly, I have had the subject of reading pottering around my head for just about forever, but it has come to the fore a bit more recently due to several insightful items I have read and also more forcefully due to a personal …

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