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Mar 22

Renew, rethink, revitalize – a mini conference at the State Library of Victoria

I was one of the 270 public library staff who attended this great event, created and hosted by the State Library of Victoria.  Besides the three keynotes, the rest of the presentations were by library staff doing interesting things in their libraries.  They were all awesome. Here are my notes: Renew, rethink and revitalise mini …

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Jun 30

Blog every day of June – Managing challenges – Mon 23 June

Wow, its the last day and I can’t believe I blogged every day of it.  It’s a challenge that I took and I fulfilled – yay to me! That and the many things that are going on, both at work and personally, got me thinking about challenges, which I admit I have more than a …

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Jun 19

Blog every day of June – Book reviews as professional development – Thu 19 June

I believe in taking responsibility for your own professional development and not relying on your employer to provide all your training.  There are other things, besides attending training, that you can do to help you develop as a librarian. One of those ‘other’ things is writing book reviews. I love writing book reviews for a …

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Jun 14

Blog every day of June – Reading professional literature – Sat 13 June

My kids do sport on Saturday mornings and I spend nearly two hours in the car waiting for them, so this is my opportune time to catch up on reading. I used to do the same thing when they were younger and at swimming lessons, but this is better as I am alone in the …

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Jun 07

Blog every day of June – Giving back to the profession – Sat 7 June

I love my job and I love my profession. So how can I give back to something that has given so much to me? Well this blog is one way.  I can share my experiences, learning, training and more with anyone who cares to seek it out. (and thanks to all of you that do). …

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Feb 09

VALA2014 – Concurrent Session 12 – Learning

Tom Joyce – Queensland University – Relying on customary practice when the law says no – justified, safe or simply no go No certainty about copyright. Copyright review is in the governments hands at present, but will have the government response in coming weeks. Changes in technologies in the past 30 years has had profound …

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Oct 20

Presentation skills training

I am doing a presentation at the State Library of Victoria this week and in preparation for this, they offered me and a number of other speakers for this and other SLV events, the opportunity to attend this training.  Knowing I will be giving more presentations in future, as well as training sessions, I took …

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Jun 18

My relief librarian experience thus far

Most of my full-time job at present has me working as relief librarian, which means I work at whichever library I am assigned, to cover a staff member absent due to training, meetings, leave etc.  I know what shifts I will be doing and where the week before, but that doesn’t stop them from changing …

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Jun 07

Do you know where you are going?

This is a bit of a rambling post. I have been working in public libraries for nearly 27 years. I had not originally planned to end up in public libraries, but once I got my first job in one, that was it, I was hooked and I stayed. As a young professional, I moved up …

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Apr 06

Public Libraries Victoria Network – ICT Unconference March 2012

On Thursday 22nd March, I was convener of the Public Libraries Victoria Network, ICT Special Interest Group Unconference in Melbourne. Forty-seven enthusiastic library staff attended, from a wide range of public libraries from across Victoria. After a quick introduction and some guidelines, people put down their topics of interest on presentation paper. Astoundingly, after a …

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