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C IL2007 – Reinventing the Library in the Internet Era – Rebecca Kahl & Aniel Sud/Clyde Miles

A project from Cuyahoga County Public Library. Patron needs were changing, the library profession was changing as was library service. Device evolution put pressure on staff who were uncomfortable with the new technologies. Needed to adapt staff, services and website to meet the changing needs of their community. Wanted more than a site, wanted a …

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CIL 2007 – Library 2.0 Builidng Communites, Connections & Strategies – Ken Roberts CEO Hamilton Public Library

Hamilton Library has many community partners. Won a Sirsi-Dynix award for their community development. A portal was created to represent all the organisations and agencies in the city of Hamilton. The same tabs on the library web page are the same on the Council webpage and other community institutions in the portal, as a result …

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