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Mar 06

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #32 – on the call!

After two weeks of various technical difficulties, I was finally able to join in on a session of Uncontrolled Vocabulary, a “weekly live interactive roundtable discussion of all things library”. Hosted by Greg Schwartz, Library Systems Manager for the Louisville Free Public Library, it is held most Wednesday nights at 10pm, US Eastern time, which …

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Apr 15

Darien Library 2 – Study tour 2007

After a delicious lunch out chatting with Darien‘s team of librarian bloggers, I sat down with Barbara, Janet, Caitlin and Kim to talk about their podcasting efforts. They use an already bought Edirol MP3 Recorder (from Roland). They record, then do minimal processing of the file before uploading it to their website. When recording a …

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Feb 23

Learning 2.0 – Week 9 – Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio

Wow, final week of Learning 2.0. Taken me a bit more than 9 weeks, but I’ve been a bit distracted with other things. Having finally completed it makes me all the more enthusiastic about starting it at my library, but only after we have our new ILMS bedded down – so probably later this year. …

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Feb 05

Online Conference 2007 – Day 2 Session 3

Dr Damian Conway, a futurist from Monash Uni spoke on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Convergence. What? I’ll explain. We had quite a few people talking about libraries in the short term, Damian was looking further, 10 to 20 years. Spoke about the insatiable need for information in our society, which places libraries and librarians in …

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