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May 17

Emerging Technology Forum 2011 Geelong

I was fortunate to be able to attend the 3rd annual Emerging Technology Forum 2011 in Geelong, which is a collaboration between Deakin University, Geelong Regional Libraries and the Gordon Institute of TAFE on Tuesday 17th May. A long way to go, but well worth the travel. Stephen Abram – The future: Frankenbooks, social collaboration …

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Jan 19

When do we upgrade or change?

Not talking about jobs here, just wondering what the trigger is for upgrading our systems/processes etc or moving to another one.  Are they entirely of our own decision, or more often than not, are these decisions triggered by circumstances beyond our control, which force us into such moves. I got thinking about this initially, because …

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Feb 09

VALA 2010 L-Plate Series

Here are my notes from the L-Plate series at VALA 2010 conference.  I am just cutting and pasting from what I took at the time, so I apologise for spelling and grammar, no time to do anything else at this stage. Hope you get something out of it. I got plenty. Open Source Software – …

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Nov 13

VALA-CAVAL Anniversary Series 2008

Ive been so busy of late, more on that later, however, I have had the pleasure of being able to liveblog guest speakers Karen Schneider and Lizanne Payne, visiting us for the 30th Anniversary of VALA and CAVAL, with the theme of 30 years of Looking Ahead. Karens talk was entitled Open – looking at …

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Feb 05

Online Conference 2007 – Day 2 Session 3

Dr Damian Conway, a futurist from Monash Uni spoke on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Convergence. What? I’ll explain. We had quite a few people talking about libraries in the short term, Damian was looking further, 10 to 20 years. Spoke about the insatiable need for information in our society, which places libraries and librarians in …

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