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Jun 04

Blog every day of June – Evolving spaces: Makerspaces

Today I attended this great seminar at the State Library of Victoria.  Here are my notes. Jo Watson – State Library of Victoria Spoke on her recent study tour. Makerspaces are about sharing materials, learning new skills, community partnerships and more. Libraries have been involved in creative purposes for a long time, the difference is …

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Jun 01

Blog Every Day of June – Library website – Sun 1 June 2014

We are looking at moving our entire library website onto our discovery layer.  This is going to be a big job and will be a lot more work than what our current website takes, so why? Because: Our users don’t recognise and/or care that we have two distinct sites – the website and the catalogue …

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Oct 29

Leading lights – SLV – Friday 25th October 2013

Leading Lights was a seminar showcasing winners from the State Library of Victoria’s Ramsay and Reid Scholarships and from the Pierre Gorman Award.  I was the first presenter, talking about my study tour of 2007 and how much things had changed since then.  (See the slides on my Presentation page). Hereafter are my notes taken …

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Aug 12

Sometimes it takes a different perspective……

I work with our website and our catalogue and other online resources on a daily basis. It know them pretty much backwards and inside out – know where to find things, know what I can change and what I can’t and why.  I am all over it.  Which means that sometimes I am way too …

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Jun 22

Blog June 2013 – Day 22 – Unpleasant side of customer service

I love helping people find what they need. The ‘customer service’ side of librarianship is one of its great attractions for many people, me included. The problem is that not all ‘customer service’ interactions are pleasant.  People are people after all and they come in to your library for a time, with all their baggage, …

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Jun 21

Blog June 2013 – Day 21 – Your reach

Besides this blog, I have been a presenter and have some other author credits to my name, as well as organising professional development events. I have had people tell me over the years, that through these things I have impacted on their professional lives, helped them learn new things and new perspectives and more. But …

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Jun 19

Blog June 2013 – Day 19 – Fair to all

Was thinking today about some of the rules the library has. For example, users require their library card number to book our computers. Sometimes they don’t bring their card and we use discretion and other times we turn people away. Made me think about other things like people not being able to borrow without their …

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Jun 14

Blog June 2013 – Day 14 – The user experience

It’s easy to think that the user experience of a visit to the library is pretty stock standard. Nothing exciting, no different to going to the supermarket or the petrol station, or one of the many other places we go or things we do on a regular basis. But the user experience is different for …

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Jun 09

Blog June 2013 – Day 9 – Exploration and discovery

I went to the market the other day with the family and as we had a bit of time to spare before our next appointment, hubby suggested we do some ‘spelunking around the market’. This involved wandering around stalls and shop and looking for and at things we would not normally buy. We ended up …

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Jun 06

Blog June 2013 – Day 6 – Putting out fires

It was one of those days. A day when all the little thing didn’t quite work as expected. By the end of the day, I didn’t get all that I had planned done, but I was pleased with what I had achieved from my list, considering all the “fires” I dealt with. I call them …

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