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Sep 19

ALIA Biennial Conference Day 1

I was fortunate enough to attend and present at the first day of the ALIA Biennial Conference 2014 in Melbourne. Here are my notes from the sessions I attended (all good stuff).  I will get my presentation up here soon as well. British Library in a globalised world – Roly Keating: Chief Execuitve of British …

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Apr 22

Making things easier for our users

In my current, short-term (sigh) role as Acting Information Services Librarian, I work closely with our Publicity Officer (our desks are adjacent in our own little corner at our library HQ). We were talking the other day and it was brought home to me how much work is done behind the scenes to make things …

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Feb 08

New Directions – Concurrent Session 8 – VALA 2012

What is the catalogue – Helen Livingston – University of South Australia Catalogue is a register of all items found in the library. (showed Wikipedia definition – long). Told us Charles Cutter”s definition – incorporates what there is and where can I find it. Who is the catalogue for? Our users, but not sure if …

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Feb 07

Big Ideas – Concurrent Session 6 – VALA 2012

Repositioning Brimbank Libraries for 21st century service deliver – Chris Kelly & Jarrod Coyles  Libraries are competing for the time of their local communities. They have to have a good knowledge of not only their current users, but also of whole community. Commenced a period of substantial change, which moved it from a collection service …

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Dec 03

QR Codes – a trial or a trial?

I had a play with QR Codes a while ago, but only recently has my library undertaken a  trial in using them. Its informal, there has been no big song and dance about it, but if nothing else comes about as a result of this experiment, we have at least raised awareness about them. Its …

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Sep 24

VALA Presents David Lee King

Was very happy to be able Friday 23rd September’s seminar in Melbourne with David Lee King from Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, fresh from his appearance at NLS #5 in Perth and Hamish Curry from the State Library of Victoria – presented by VALA: Libraries, Technology & the Future Inc. (thanks guys for organising …

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Jan 25

Library Day in the Life 2010

Today, 25th January, was Round 4 of the Library Day in the Life Project. The aim of the project is for librarian’s to document what they do in a day, for others to discover.  So here’s mine. To give context, I am an Information Librarian working for the Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation – a public library …

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Dec 04

Library Website – from brochure to presence

I was surprised, but not so surprised to realise that I hadn’t blogged for over a month. That was for two reasons I suppose – one was that I have just been so busy and secondly I didn’t have the heart to post. Then tonight, I was just sitting at my computer, having had a …

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