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Apr 03

Anatomy of a Library 2.0 Masterclass

I had the wonderful, exhausting and exhilarating job of presenting a two day Libraries 2.0 Masterclass this week, with the delightful Kathryn Greenhill.  Glad to say, it was an all round success, with wonderful feedback and responses from our 19 attendees. Kathryn has covered the days with our tweets, through a Cover It Live session …

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Feb 23

A shameless plug

I have been very busy since VALA2010, preparing presentations for a forthcoming seminar. So here’s my shameless plug. It is with great delight that I will be presenting “Libraries 2.0: using Web 2.0 and new media to revolutionise your library or information centre“, with my Libraries Interact co-blogger, colleague and friend, Kathryn Greenhill from Librarians …

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Mar 24

On Ada Lovelace Day, my inspiring woman in technology is Helene Blowers

It’s March 24th, making it Ada Lovelace Day and in memory of Ada – a woman who is considered to be the first programmer, I and many others have pledged to write about a woman in technology who inspires me.  Before I do, here’s some more about this day. Ada Lovelace Day “is an international …

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Feb 12

Library 2.0 Masterclass with Helene Blowers – Day 2

Day 1 was great, but Day 2 was just as good. Social media & Library Marketing The strength of our libraries is our unique brand – which is the specific communities we each serve.  Mass marketing is no longer the key, it is now niche marketing. Even our top Australian TV shows only reach about …

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Feb 11

Library 2.0 Masterclass with Helene Blowers – Day 1

Wow, how thrilled was I to be offered a place at this Masterclass being held in Melbourne, with Helene Blowers flying in from the US to share her amazing experiences and expertise. Add to that the added bonus of Kathryn Greenhill coming over from Perth to attend as well and it was a perfect way …

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Sep 04

ALIA Dreaming 08 – Fri AM Plenary – Stephen Abram

Big Stuff – Library Challenges – Stephen Abram – Sirsi-Dynix Institute We need to tell good stories – tell each other about the good things that happen, not the bad, which is what we usually do. Stephen said that our stuff is awesome, we are in good standing amongst the libraries of the world. We …

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Apr 07

Information Literacy meets Library 2.0

I am so excited.  Just as well, because I was very sad about not being in the thick of things at Computers in Libraries this year, after the awesome experience I had there last year.  Its great to be already reading all of the blogging reports coming out of this year’s conference. Thanks all!  Keep …

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Feb 20

What makes an expert?

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a couple of months, probably since I started getting queries from other librarians about virtual services after doing my study tour. Its been further churning away in the back of my mind since not long before the VALA conference, as besides the showcase session I did there, I …

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Oct 27

With many thanks to the biblioblogosphere

I have been so busy, tired and distracted of recent months, that I have barely been able to keep a straight thought in my head. Things have been changing, unsettled and unsure, nothing special really, just life I guess, but it has meant that my motivation to blog has taken a bit of a back …

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Sep 10

Library 2.0 – its far from over

There has been a lot of discussion lately around the biblioblogosphere on Library 2.0 and whether its over, whether it should ever have been, what it is, whether its new or not and much more. If you want to follow the discussions, I suggest you check out Annoyed Librarian, David Lee King, Information Wants to …

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