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Feb 09

VALA 2016 – Day One – R. David Lankes, Lee Rainie and so much more

Always take away great thoughts and ideas from VALA – here’s what I got from Day 1.   Librarianship: saving the world one community at a time – Dr R David Lankes Technology advances have made the world a smaller place. Not all is well in the world and librarians have a part to …

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Mar 22

Renew, rethink, revitalize – a mini conference at the State Library of Victoria

I was one of the 270 public library staff who attended this great event, created and hosted by the State Library of Victoria.  Besides the three keynotes, the rest of the presentations were by library staff doing interesting things in their libraries.  They were all awesome. Here are my notes: Renew, rethink and revitalise mini …

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Jun 20

Blog every day of June – Clearing the deck – Fri 20 June 2014

I had an awesome day at work today.  Today I finished lots of little jobs that has been on my to-do list for a while and I also got started on some bigger projects that have been taking more mental energy than physical. So as a reward to us all, for a job well done, …

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Apr 05

Digital Content Seminar – Wed 26th March 2014

I am convenor of the Public Libraries Victoria Network – ICT Special Interest Group and get to meet with other ICT and Web librarians in Victorian public libraries on a regular basis. I also get to organise and attend events like this one, which give Victorian public librarians a chance to showcase what they are …

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Oct 29

Leading lights – SLV – Friday 25th October 2013

Leading Lights was a seminar showcasing winners from the State Library of Victoria’s Ramsay and Reid Scholarships and from the Pierre Gorman Award.  I was the first presenter, talking about my study tour of 2007 and how much things had changed since then.  (See the slides on my Presentation page). Hereafter are my notes taken …

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Apr 22

Connecting the dots: people, libraries and technology

The State Library of Victoria hosted this event, in conjunction with Public Libraries Network Victoria last Friday.  There was good representation from libraries across the state and I am happy to say they weren’t all tech people. Anyway, here are my notes from the day.   NBN and libraries of the 21st century – Mary …

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Feb 15

ALIA Online 2013 Conference – Day 3

Charles Leadbeater (via Skype) – Systems of empathy   The whole relationship with technology is crucial, its reshaping our culture and our expectations.   Is technology for us or are we for it? How is it working for you, or are you working for it? Typewriter was a dumb tool that was beautiful but that …

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Feb 14

ALIA Online 2013 Conference – Day 2

  Liam Wyatt is a local Wikipedia guru sponsoring GLAM sector involvement.   Wikivoyage and Wikidata coming out later this year.   Sue Gardner – Wikimedia   Audience participation, most librarians are supportive and about 1/4 have edited.   Top 5 website, only non-profit and consider themselves to be part of GLAM sector.   Wikipedia …

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Jun 15

Handling criticism at work

To be clear, I am talking about when your work or an area of your responsibility is criticised. I take great pride in my work and I work hard, which makes it all the more difficult when that work is criticised. My initial response is always defensive, accompanied by the desire to vent, curl up …

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