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Ada Lovelace Day 2010 – Kathryn Greenhill

March 24th means its Ada Lovelace Day and I am taking the opportunity to blog about a woman in technology in libraries that I have great admiration for. Before I do, if you want to read more about Ada Lovelace Day, check out the website and all the other great entries that will appear there, …

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Copyright and our users

We all know that our users don’t really care all that much about copyright. If they did, they wouldn’t be ripping CDs and DVDs or illegally downloading a wide variety of content in a wide variety of formats from the Internet. We know it happens, but apart from the producers of such content and formats, …

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Librarians the next step in evolution?

I was reading an article not so long ago – How Google is making us smarter – which in turn was almost looking to counter a previous article – Is Google making us stupid? You can check out either or both at your leisure, but the former got me thinking. In How Google is making …

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Library 2.0 Masterclass with Helene Blowers – Day 2

Day 1 was great, but Day 2 was just as good. Social media & Library Marketing The strength of our libraries is our unique brand – which is the specific communities we each serve.  Mass marketing is no longer the key, it is now niche marketing. Even our top Australian TV shows only reach about …

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Library 2.0 Masterclass with Helene Blowers – Day 1

Wow, how thrilled was I to be offered a place at this Masterclass being held in Melbourne, with Helene Blowers flying in from the US to share her amazing experiences and expertise. Add to that the added bonus of Kathryn Greenhill coming over from Perth to attend as well and it was a perfect way …

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ALIA Dreaming 08 – Fri AM Plenary – Stephen Abram

Big Stuff – Library Challenges – Stephen Abram – Sirsi-Dynix Institute We need to tell good stories – tell each other about the good things that happen, not the bad, which is what we usually do. Stephen said that our stuff is awesome, we are in good standing amongst the libraries of the world. We …

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Day in the life of a librarian meme

Its been a while since I did a meme and I don’t have anything else ready to post yet, so why not.  This one has been doing the rounds a bit and has been interesting to read, with Kathryn Greenhill being the one who tipped me over to do this, with her Meme: What’s a …

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Librarians and IT

Gotta love this. Thanks to Michael at Travelin’ Librarian for the heads up!

Library Week Carnival

Its Australian Library and Information Week and there are many events going on in libraries around the country (although its also Education Week, so that’s fun for the school libraries!). One of those fun things is from Libraries Interact. We are pulling together articles for a Carnival of the Infosciences and need your assistance. This …

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What makes an expert?

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a couple of months, probably since I started getting queries from other librarians about virtual services after doing my study tour. Its been further churning away in the back of my mind since not long before the VALA conference, as besides the showcase session I did there, I …

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