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Feb 09

VALA 2016 – Day One – R. David Lankes, Lee Rainie and so much more

Always take away great thoughts and ideas from VALA – here’s what I got from Day 1.   Librarianship: saving the world one community at a time – Dr R David Lankes Technology advances have made the world a smaller place. Not all is well in the world and librarians have a part to …

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Mar 22

Renew, rethink, revitalize – a mini conference at the State Library of Victoria

I was one of the 270 public library staff who attended this great event, created and hosted by the State Library of Victoria.  Besides the three keynotes, the rest of the presentations were by library staff doing interesting things in their libraries.  They were all awesome. Here are my notes: Renew, rethink and revitalise mini …

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Oct 29

Leading lights – SLV – Friday 25th October 2013

Leading Lights was a seminar showcasing winners from the State Library of Victoria’s Ramsay and Reid Scholarships and from the Pierre Gorman Award.  I was the first presenter, talking about my study tour of 2007 and how much things had changed since then.  (See the slides on my Presentation page). Hereafter are my notes taken …

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Oct 20

Presentation skills training

I am doing a presentation at the State Library of Victoria this week and in preparation for this, they offered me and a number of other speakers for this and other SLV events, the opportunity to attend this training.  Knowing I will be giving more presentations in future, as well as training sessions, I took …

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Jun 27

Blog June 2013 – Day 27 – Does your workspace reflect you and/or your job?

I was wandering back to my desk today and noticed how it really was a reflection of both my job and myself. The desk itself is very tidy and organised, like me, and the things that surrounded it were local history items, two iMacs in the middle of configuration, training notes for an eBay seminar …

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Jun 20

Blog June 2013 – Day 20 – The ‘menial’ tasks

In libraries, as in many jobs, there are menial tasks that need to be done. Jobs that seem trivial, are repetitive, need no special skill or qualifications, but need to be done. These types of jobs can be the ones we try to avoid, because we want to focus on the more interesting, the more …

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Jun 18

Blog June 2013 – Day 18 – Holy Grail of Librarianship

One of my colleagues was excitedly telling me about a delivery she was waiting on, a limited edition re-creation of the first ever Melways Street Directory (Melbourne). Melways, which is a Melbourne institution was first published in 1976 and my colleague is a local history buff, so this is pure gold to her. (and I …

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Jun 17

Blog June 2013 – Day 17 – Patience – a vital library skill

I’m not a patient person generally. I want things done and I want it done now.  But I have learned the value in patience in life in general and in the library as well. Much as I want all the new things, changes, adaptations, removals etc to happen at the time that they are all …

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Jun 19

Objective and subjective

Was reading a newspaper article about how some pharmacists are refusing to dispense the pill, because it goes against their personal beliefs.  An interesting dilemma. Although our similar dilemma is not  life threatening, librarians have to deal with this every day.  We lend out titles that go against our beliefs, we give access to information …

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