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Apr 03

Anatomy of a Library 2.0 Masterclass

I had the wonderful, exhausting and exhilarating job of presenting a two day Libraries 2.0 Masterclass this week, with the delightful Kathryn Greenhill.  Glad to say, it was an all round success, with wonderful feedback and responses from our 19 attendees. Kathryn has covered the days with our tweets, through a Cover It Live session …

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Feb 14

VALA2010 Current Session 13 – Web/Library 2.0

The first presentation for this session was my paper, presented with my co-author Paul Mercieca. Our presentation Evaluating Web 2.0: user experiences with public library blogs is available at Slideshare. The impact and benefits of Learning 2.0 programs in Australian Libraries: Michael Stephens – Dominican University, Richard Sayers – CAVAL and Warren Cheetham – City …

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Jan 30

Librarian 2.0 not Library 2.0

I have finally caught up on all my reading, amongst which was a very thought provoking post by John Blyberg entitled “Library 2.0 Debased“, which in turn was inspired by Kate Sheehan’s post “Are librarians culturally self-aware“. I recommend you check out both posts as well as the comments, there is some interesting reading there. …

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Sep 10

Library 2.0 – its far from over

There has been a lot of discussion lately around the biblioblogosphere on Library 2.0 and whether its over, whether it should ever have been, what it is, whether its new or not and much more. If you want to follow the discussions, I suggest you check out Annoyed Librarian, David Lee King, Information Wants to …

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Apr 17

CIL 2007 – From Core Competencies to Learning 2.0 – Helene Blowers

Am going to be visiting Charlotte in the last 2 days of this week, so introduced myself to Helen before the session – also managed to grab a quick chat with Meredith Farkas, Nicole Engard and Aaron Schmid – very exciting! All feeling the technology surge, which is getting better. Like a wave, trying to …

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Feb 23

Learning 2.0 – a final review

Instead of typing up more pages, here is an audio of my thoughts on the Learning 2.0 program. It goes for about 1 1/2 minutes. As I did it in only take, I hope you will please excuse my pauses and the few ums that are in there. It also somehow got cut off at …

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Feb 03

Learning 2.0 – Week 6 – Tagging, folksonomies & social bookmarking in

I know this is not blogging the Online Conference notes, but I had to take a break from my endless notes! So its back to Learning 2.0. I had looked at a while ago and although I have a lot of bookmarks, I didn’t want to share them. I use a lot of bookmarks, …

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Jan 30

Information Online 2007 – Day 1 – Third Session

Dr R David Lankes from the Information Institute of Syracuse delivered the afternoon keynote on the Changing face of service. We are integrated library services – youth, cataloguing, reference, preservation, IT, instruction etc. We don’t necessarily fit together well, but we know we are a profession. Service is more than reference and far from the …

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Jan 04

Learning 2.0 – Week 5 – Online image generators, Library Thing etc

I was going to take a break from this Learning 2.0 – intensive version, but in a moment of weakness, I decided to start the next lesson – image generators and got hooked! I should have known better – this learning 2.0 stuff is fun! Here’s one – the ultimate search for me (nothing wrong …

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Jan 01

Learning 2.0 – Week 4 – RSS and News Readers

Yes I know its only been a day since I blogged on Week 3, but I’m fast and I’m trying to catch up! I love RSS feeds. I already have feeds to about 50 blogs coming into Thunderbird, my email client (same guys did the Firefox browser, which I also love). I have also set …

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