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Jun 23

Blog June 2013 – Day 23 – The cloud saved me…….

A lot of time – as I don’t have to rediscover my apps and re-enter contacts. As I posted back on the 13th June, I lost my phone (grinding teeth, distress and grief). But today I got my permanent replacement (my new sim card has been doing a lot of transferring recently). Fortunately, due to …

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Jun 13

Blog June 13 – Day 13 – Your vital device

I lost my mobile phone last night, whilst out at a meeting. I have torn apart my clothes, my car, had the meeting place tearing their place apart, asked the parking garage and called the phone repeatedly. I’m an optimist at heart, so it took me until midday today to acknowledge the likelihood of permanent …

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Apr 22

Connecting the dots: people, libraries and technology

The State Library of Victoria hosted this event, in conjunction with Public Libraries Network Victoria last Friday.  There was good representation from libraries across the state and I am happy to say they weren’t all tech people. Anyway, here are my notes from the day.   NBN and libraries of the 21st century – Mary …

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Mar 29

Technolust: the fifth column of the information counter-revolution (VALA Events 2013)

On Wednesday night, I attended the first VALA event of the year, where Hugh Rundle from Boroondara Libraries spoke on Technolust and libraries. It was a very interesting and thought provoking talk, which my notes do not do justice to, but they will at least give you an idea and hopefully get you thinking as …

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Sep 24

VALA Presents David Lee King

Was very happy to be able Friday 23rd September’s seminar in Melbourne with David Lee King from Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, fresh from his appearance at NLS #5 in Perth and Hamish Curry from the State Library of Victoria – presented by VALA: Libraries, Technology & the Future Inc. (thanks guys for organising …

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Sep 15

Information flow

I am very big on efficiency, including ensuring that our information flow from our library is used as effectively as possible. Our library has five blogs, four of which are hosted by Blogger. To make the most of this content, to ensure that people are seeing it when they don’t know about the blogs (and …

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Jun 28

Mobile accessibility

I have had my eyephone for nearly two years now and I love it. Not necessarily the fact that its an eyephone, but the fact that its a smart phone. The reference librarian in me likes being able to look things up at the spur of the moment.  The nerd in my just likes having …

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Feb 09

VALA 2010 L-Plate Series

Here are my notes from the L-Plate series at VALA 2010 conference.  I am just cutting and pasting from what I took at the time, so I apologise for spelling and grammar, no time to do anything else at this stage. Hope you get something out of it. I got plenty. Open Source Software – …

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Jul 25

Interesting reading

Its been so long between posts, because its been busy. Between work, a conference paper, a journal article, school holidays and trying to organise our holiday to Central Australia, I haven’t had time to think.  But its all done or booked now.  So I’ll begin my catch up blogging by talking about what I’ve been …

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Feb 07

VALA 2008 Conference – Day 3 – Stuart Weibel – Plenary

Next Space (OCLC) magazine includes a social networking article featuring Stuart Weibel. Where is the Library as a brand? Perceptions of libraries and information resources – OCLC report (available online) 3300 respondents to questions on library use, awareness and use of library electronic resources, internet search engine the library and the librarian, free vs for-fee …

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