Category: information literacy

Jun 11

Digital Literacy Seminar – Public Libraries Victoria Network (PLVN)

Here are my notes from the PLVN ICT Special Interest Group Digital Literacy Seminar, held in Melbourne on 3rd June 2015. Hugh Rundle – MC Victorian Public Libraries: Our Future, Our Skills Research Report 2014 – 98% of libraries completed survey, 79% of managers. Good basis for skills audit. Public Libraries 2030 came out …

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Jul 22

What is information and is it what we still do in public libraries?

I keep hearing and reading about how libraries are all about information. I’ve been hearing and reading that for years. I work in a public library and although information is still what we do as librarians, our reference questions have greatly reduced and information sources are not the highest lending parts of our collections. Most …

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Feb 07

Empowering e-Science, eMpowering libraries – Xiaolin Zhang – VALA 2012

Xiaolin Zhan is the head of the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences Lots of information challenges to e-science: eScience is built on a lot of data – it is smart data, not just because you can play with it using computers, but because of forthcoming technologies like semantic publishing, and computable. It …

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Dec 03

QR Codes – a trial or a trial?

I had a play with QR Codes a while ago, but only recently has my library undertaken a  trial in using them. Its informal, there has been no big song and dance about it, but if nothing else comes about as a result of this experiment, we have at least raised awareness about them. Its …

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Feb 14

VALA2010 Current Session 13 – Web/Library 2.0

The first presentation for this session was my paper, presented with my co-author Paul Mercieca. Our presentation Evaluating Web 2.0: user experiences with public library blogs is available at Slideshare. The impact and benefits of Learning 2.0 programs in Australian Libraries: Michael Stephens – Dominican University, Richard Sayers – CAVAL and Warren Cheetham – City …

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Mar 18

Librarians the next step in evolution?

I was reading an article not so long ago – How Google is making us smarter – which in turn was almost looking to counter a previous article – Is Google making us stupid? You can check out either or both at your leisure, but the former got me thinking. In How Google is making …

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Oct 10

Keeping up-to-date – what have I missed?

I am presenting at NLS4 and are in the process of writing the paper for it. My topic is keeping-up-to-date. Below is a quick review of what I am planning to cover. Why keep-up-to-date? Why it is important that we as librarians stay current. Taking responsibility for your professional development. In conjunction with your employer …

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Apr 07

Information Literacy meets Library 2.0

I am so excited.  Just as well, because I was very sad about not being in the thick of things at Computers in Libraries this year, after the awesome experience I had there last year.  Its great to be already reading all of the blogging reports coming out of this year’s conference. Thanks all!  Keep …

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Feb 07

VALA 2008 Conference – Day 3 – Concurrent Session 14 – Social Networking

Kim Tairi – Swinburne University of Technology, Rob McCormack – Peodair Leihy and Peter Ring – Victoria University “Fairy tales and Elggs: social networking with student rovers in learning commons” Rovers were used in the Learning commons – student peer mentors who worked in pairs.  Created RoverSpace – an online community for Rovers to share …

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Jan 31

Information Online 2007 – Day 2 Session 2

Kate Wilson and Chelsea Harper then reported on their study of the Blog and Wiki landscape in Australia as of June 2006. Limited literature available on this topic, so most of their info came from a study run from Apr – Jun 06. Blogs and wikis are being used for reference database/manuals, public resource guides, …

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