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3D Printers – technolust, lifelong learning, community?

I normally don’t weigh in with a blog post when there is a heavy topic in library blogging, but am going to on this one because of my own particular interest and experience of late. If you haven’t already caught the discussion on libraries, their mission and 3D printers, I recommend you do so first. …

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My new toy

After talking about books, the pendulum is swinging the other way and I have to talk about my toy. Not that I can say much as I only got it today and its still charging. πŸ™‚ I have been wanting a Tablet for a while, but having moved happily from an iPhone to Android based …

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CIL 2007 – Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets with Barbara Fullerton, Sabrina Pacifici and Aaron Schmidt

Last session for the day and what a day it has been! Fast session, a minute per gadget. All prices are US $. The word for today’s gadgets is simplify – although not really. Treos – 6 models introduced in the last year. Depends on service – different colours and OS , need 755p is …

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