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Looking to the future – 2013 Horizon Report

The Horizon Report 2013 Higher Education Edition has been out for a bit now and I admit that I await its predictions with keen interest. Although aimed at the academic sector, I have still found it a valuable insight into what could be coming up for libraries, including public libraries. This year’s is no different. …

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ALIA Online 2013 Conference – Day 3

Charles Leadbeater (via Skype) – Systems of empathy   The whole relationship with technology is crucial, its reshaping our culture and our expectations.   Is technology for us or are we for it? How is it working for you, or are you working for it? Typewriter was a dumb tool that was beautiful but that …

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3D Printers – technolust, lifelong learning, community?

I normally don’t weigh in with a blog post when there is a heavy topic in library blogging, but am going to on this one because of my own particular interest and experience of late. If you haven’t already caught the discussion on libraries, their mission and 3D printers, I recommend you do so first. …

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Emerging Technology Forum – Geelong 2012

I was happy to again be attending the ETF, which is a collaborative training event organised by Deakin University, Geelong Regional Libraries and Gordon TAFE. With a new format and new location and with a theme of “Using technology well”, it was an amazingly insightful day. Here’s my amazingly detailed notes from the day – …

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Public libraries now and always

I will end this year’s Blog Every Day of June the way I started – with public libraries. I never planned to work in public libraries. I wanted to be a librarian since Grade 6 and always imagined that I would be a school librarian, or once I had done by library course placement in …

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View of the future?

Its getting late and I have been out most of the day, so let me leave you with this view of the future from Corning. A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning – If this is our future, where do libraries fit in?

You know you are a 21st century public librarian…..

Picking up from a wonderful post of the same title from the Blue Skunk Blog ( and adjusting for working in public libraries.  Enjoy! You know you are a 21st century public librarian when: you get excited about getting a real life reference question you lend more DVDs than books you hand out more keys …

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Library Camp Australia – Melbourne 2012

After a week chock full of wonderful conference joy at VALA, it was a further joy and a bit of a relief to be able to attend Library Camp Australia 2012, at the Unversity of Melbourne on February 12th. Here are my assorted notes from the course of the day.  1st session – Jason Griffey …

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Access, schmaccess: libraries in the Age of Ubiquity

One of the big changes is not value being added by owning the server, its by the people adding content to the server. The Internet did not kill print, TV killed it ……. in 1940. The Internet will save us from television. More time is spent on the Internet now, than the total amount of …

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The informatics transform: re-engineering libraries for the Data Decade – Liz Lyon

Data is a the new oil – Andres Weigend – Stanford. There is millions of pieces of data being collected every hour of every day. Data on every corner of the world is being collected. One of the last areas of global mapping is the oceans, but even now they have robotic vessels covered in …

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