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May 20

Online presence in 2008

I have been thinking about this subject for weeks, longer probably and I’m not the only one. There’s been a lot of discussion about what social software people are using, people stopping blogging and some restarting and more. In the light of this, I thought it was about time I sorted out all the myriad …

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Jan 17

Common Craft videos explain social media

Whilst I catch up on quite a bit of reading and get my head around my next planned post, whilst also getting my children ready for school (with my son starting Grade Prep) I thought I would point out a great resource. Many of you would already have seen at least some of these, but …

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Apr 13

Princeton Public Library 2 – Study Tour 2007

After a beautiful lunch of soup and salad, it was back to talking with Janie Hermann, one of the Library Garden bloggers, who is also presenting at CIL 2007. Princeton Library runs a Databytes program, where twice a month, a librarian gives a session on a technology topic. That day, Romina – who coordinated my …

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Jan 01

Learning 2.0 – Week 3 – Flickr

Narre Desk Originally uploaded by tang02. So what happened to week 2? Well my previous post was week 1 and week 2 together. So here we are at week 3, exploring Flickr. After reestablishing my Flickr account, which only held my Librarian Trading card, I did some quick uploading of photos from my computer – …

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