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Jun 21

Blog every day of June – Mobile device friendly libraries – Sat 21 June

We all know how much tablets, smart phones and similar devices have penetrated our society.  A look around you when you travel, when you’re in a cafe or even in your library, will show many different people working on many different devices. How easy do we make it for our users to use library services …

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Jun 17

Blog every day of June – Can there be too much customer service? – Tue 17 June

Librarians are all about customer service but there are differing levels that can be found at different libraries and even from different staff within the staff library. I have come across this with staff in the past.  A staff member would spend quite a length of time helping one library user.  That library user thought …

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Apr 26

Customer service in libraries – what have we got right?

Besides free content to lend or access, one of libraries’ best things (generalising of course) is our customer service.  I know we try hard to provide  this for any number of reasons, but I have been surprised lately by the responses we have had to good customer service of late. In both instances, I took …

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Oct 14

What is customer service in reference?

 This topic first started percolating in my mind when I read “On ethical reference service” ( from Lane Wilkinson at the Sense and Reference blog. It queried whether it was good customer service to help users with their queries by showing them how to use the resources – rather than doing if for them. There’s …

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Jun 13

Problem users defined

Thanks to Stephens Lighthouse ( for the pointer to the article on Boing Boing – Classes of annoying customers. The categories arise from a study by a Washington State University student and in summary are: • Badmouthers • Paranoid shouter • Customers with poor hygiene • Some customers make outlandish requests • Service rule breakers • …

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Feb 06

Using mobile and social media to enrich the visitor experience – VALA 2012

This VALA Boot Camp session was a lesson not only in social and mobile media, but in user design. Here are my notes from the session. Will Donovan from Will Donovan and Mark Watson from Design Providence.  Mobile and social media – what’s all the fuss?  37 million iPhones sold in the last quarter in …

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Jun 22

When something wrong can go right

We learned an interesting lesson yesterday at our library, which also resulted in unexpected promotion of the library. We are introducing pre-overdue notifications via email, so sent out an introductory notice to all our users with email addresses on their accounts, to let them know it was coming and to give them the option to …

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Mar 31

RFID – Why and how you should make it happen in your library

Today was the 2nd seminar that I have been involved with as part of a sub-committee of the Public Libraries Victoria Network (PLVN). This time, it was the Operations Special Interest Group in the lead, in conjunction with the ICT Special Interest Group, of which I am the convenor. The day was attended by 84 …

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Jan 02

Rewarding customer loyalty

We all know about the various loyalty schemes run by the big chains, whether they are supermarkets, airlines, department stories, online sellers etc.  Even small coffee shops do coffee cards to encourage repeat patronage. However, I came across the rewarding of customer loyalty in a different way recently, which got me thinking about this topic …

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Dec 04

A library flood – one week on

As promised, here is the update.  Its quick.  Check out the previous blog post for the details of what happened, and for Monique (Branch Managers) update in the comments. The cleaners did a great job and the carpet was dry and library staff were able to put all the shelving back to its normal places …

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