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Feb 09

VALA2014 – Concurrent Session 12 – Learning

Tom Joyce – Queensland University – Relying on customary practice when the law says no – justified, safe or simply no go No certainty about copyright. Copyright review is in the governments hands at present, but will have the government response in coming weeks. Changes in technologies in the past 30 years has had profound …

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Nov 02

3d printing and additive manufacture

The Intellectual Property Institute of Australia organised this talk. I have an interest in 3D printing as part of the Maker Space culture which is developing in libraries and elsewhere and this event gave me some great foundational information about the broader uses and implications of this technology. 3d printing and additive manufacture: myths, facts …

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Jun 25

Blog June 2013 – Day 25 – Law-abiding librarians

Librarians are generally law-abiding. We can be great advocates of protecting copyright, reminding our users of their rights and responsibilities under the law. I think this is right and just, we need to protect both the right of the producer (author, artist, musician, publisher – whomever it is), whilst also giving our users the ability …

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Feb 13

Information Online 2007 – Day 3 – Session 2

I was getting tired by now at the conference, like I am now with these writeups, so the notes are getting briefer – hang in there with me now! Shauna Hicks from the Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV) spoke on “Archives in the 2st century”. In the new PROV reading room, each desk has …

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