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Building a library website with Drupal Pt. 2

In the first post, I revisited how we came to be building a new website and how we ended up with Drupal. And now to be continued ……… Initially learning Drupal was harder than I thought it would be. We couldn’t get our heads around how it worked, as it was so different to anything …

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Building a library website with Drupal Pt. 1

In the process of completing this largish (for me) project at work, I thought it would be good to get down in some logical order, a bit about the project, what we learned, what was hard/easy and what we would change.  It will take more than one post to get it all down, so I …

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Wow, all the things that have been happening…..

Its been a while between blog posts and although I’m still frantically busy, I thought it time to share some of the highlights of my last few weeks in the library world. The reason I have been frantically busy is that our biggest library, Narre Warren has been closed this last week for recarpeting and …

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