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Mar 25

End of an era – print reference

I have had responsibility for our library’s print reference collection. on and off since 1996. When I first took on this role in 1996, our largest branch – which was both the local and regional reference collection, had 85 shelves of reference books. I’m talking full shelves, 2 metre high shelving and taking up a …

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Jun 12

Blog June 13 – Day 12 – Handwriting – a dying art?

Today I had cause to write a note repeatedly. It was less than 20 words, but I chose to write it out the 8 times required, rather than type it, because I thought it would be quicker and easier. Not only was it not quicker, but my hands got very tired, very quickly.  That’s when …

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Jun 29

Seeing what you haven’t seen before

Have you ever looked at an object or person and seen something that you know has always been there, but that you have never really noticed until that moment? I had another of those moments today. I get them often enough to remind myself periodically not to take things for granted, that there is more …

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Sep 24

VALA Presents David Lee King

Was very happy to be able Friday 23rd September’s seminar in Melbourne with David Lee King from Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, fresh from his appearance at NLS #5 in Perth and Hamish Curry from the State Library of Victoria – presented by VALA: Libraries, Technology & the Future Inc. (thanks guys for organising …

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Apr 08

Libraries after the iPad and Top Technology Trends

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the very popular (and long waiting listed) event presented by VALA , the State Library of Victoria and the Public Libraries Victoria Network. Here’s my notes from the afternoon seminar. Libraries after the iPad – Christine McKenzie – YPRL Our world is changing fast, so fast …

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Jun 19

Trying something new can lead to something wonderful

Its early Saturday morning and I missed posting this Friday night for Day 18 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge, because of the heading of this post. My kids have been doing Auskick this year, for the first time. Originally it was for 8 year old son, but my nearly 11 year old …

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Dec 02

Anatomy of recarpeting a library

Last week, our biggest library was recarpeted and repainted and I was part of the moving team.  Narre Warren Library is a 1300 sq mt building, comprising the library, a meeting room, family history space, local history archive, workroom, staffroom, foyer and amenities – the majority of which had to be emptied to allow the …

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Feb 02

New reports make interesting reading

Have a big week coming up – attending and giving a short showcase at VALA in Melbourne. So before I start blogging that (hopefully live), I thought give my readers some interesting things to read. Pew/Internet regularly produces reports related to online use. One of the latest was conducted with the Graduate School of Library …

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Feb 09


I think I am finally settling into the idea that I am a blogger (not just a wannabe) and that people want to read what I blog. So I think I’ll start having a bit more fun with this adventure. Its been a gradual process, 18 months to be exact, but with encouragement from all …

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