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Jun 19

Blog every day of June – Book reviews as professional development – Thu 19 June

I believe in taking responsibility for your own professional development and not relying on your employer to provide all your training.  There are other things, besides attending training, that you can do to help you develop as a librarian. One of those ‘other’ things is writing book reviews. I love writing book reviews for a …

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Jun 18

Blog every day of June – My e-book vision for our local community – Wed 18 June

Library users have loved our e-book products and staff spend quite some time helping the not so tech savvy users to get started with our e-book collections. Fortunately, both our products are relatively straightforward to use and once we get them started, library users are generally happy to go and off and explore further themselves. …

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Jun 17

Blog every day of June – Can there be too much customer service? – Tue 17 June

Librarians are all about customer service but there are differing levels that can be found at different libraries and even from different staff within the staff library. I have come across this with staff in the past.  A staff member would spend quite a length of time helping one library user.  That library user thought …

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Jun 16

Blog every day of June – Indispensability is not all its cracked up to be – Mon 16 June

I like the idea of being indispensable at work, it appeals to my ego.  Unfortunately, it doesn’ t work in reality for my workplace, for my work and for me, for a couple of big reasons. Everyone will come to you for everything that you are known for being indispensable for.  This gets very tiring …

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Jun 15

Blog every day of June – Libraries are about….. – Sun 15 June

Studies have shown that people relate libraries to books.  I am not complaining about that – books are a great brand to be associated with.  But too long now, libraries have been about more than books.  We have been about collections, programs, literacy, learning, technology, community space and so much more. So if the library …

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Jun 14

Blog every day of June – Reading professional literature – Sat 13 June

My kids do sport on Saturday mornings and I spend nearly two hours in the car waiting for them, so this is my opportune time to catch up on reading. I used to do the same thing when they were younger and at swimming lessons, but this is better as I am alone in the …

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Jun 13

Blog every day of June – When big is little – Fri 13 June

On a regular basis I write a list of largish works that need to be completed and tape it to the side of my computer.  These are jobs that I think are going to take a bit of time, need a block of time for focus, but which aren’t urgent. This week, the list had …

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Jun 12

Blog every day of June – Security is the next big concern – Thurday 12 June

Public Libraries Victoria Network has a number of special interest groups, including ICT of which I am a part.  We organise and run one or two seminars a year for public library staff in Victoria and have covered RFID, mobile devices, downloadables, digital content, an unconference and more. We were talking about organising our next …

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Jun 11

Blog every day of June – Changing things up – Wed 11 June

We do an email Quick Quiz once a fortnight for staff.  We send an email to them, focused on one of our online resources, asking three questions that involve them just doing quick exploration of the resource to answer. They then submit the answers and it is included in their performance appraisal. We started this …

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Jun 10

Blog every day of June – Reference interview – Tue 10 June

One of my favourite things about being a librarian is the reference interview.  I think it is also one of the great skills of the profession and also one that is under-appreciated. I have taught the basics of reference interviews to some of our junior staff over the years and it never ceases to amaze them …

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