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Aug 11

Talking about my generation

I am a borderline Gen Xer.  Depending on which study you look at, I am sometimes listed as a Baby Boomer.  Labels don’t matter all that much, but I have always felt more affinity to Gen Xers and it always made me feel a little bit younger to label myself as such too. But recently …

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Jul 31

Day in the life of a librarian meme

Its been a while since I did a meme and I don’t have anything else ready to post yet, so why not.  This one has been doing the rounds a bit and has been interesting to read, with Kathryn Greenhill being the one who tipped me over to do this, with her Meme: What’s a …

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Jul 27

A blogging year in review

Its my 3rd blogaversary and I’ve been trying to think about what to post about to celebrate and decided its a good time to review the past 12 months of professional activity.  So here’s what I consider are my major achievements professionally, both inside and outside of work.  This is more for me I guess, …

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Jun 27

Learning about writing

I have learnt a lot about writing in the nearly 3 years that I have been blogging, much of which I haven’t realised until I started writing for other avenues. I am in the process of finishing up one conference paper, reviewing a journal article on the basis of peer review and researching for another …

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Mar 05

Web 2.0 – how long until everyone is on the same page

I have been so busy lately, surprisingly so, but in a good way.  After doing a 10 minute showcase at VALA, I have done a presentation on Web 2.0 for Innov8 – a vendor organised information seminar. I also have coming in the next few weeks “Beyond blogs and wikis” at the ALIES conference and …

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Jun 18

8 Random Thing about me

This is the latest meme doing the rounds. Kathryn from Librarians Matter tagged me a little while ago and I have been consumed with getting my study tour report finished, I thought it would be easier to do this instead of having to think of a real blog post, lol. 1. We are getting our …

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