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Jun 15

Handling criticism at work

To be clear, I am talking about when your work or an area of your responsibility is criticised. I take great pride in my work and I work hard, which makes it all the more difficult when that work is criticised. My initial response is always defensive, accompanied by the desire to vent, curl up …

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Jan 25

Library Day in the Life – Round 6

Monday 24th January, 2011 was Round 6 in the Library Day in the Life,  a snapshot of the daily work of librarians around the world. I’ve been participating in it since Round 3 in July 2009 and it has been interesting to go back and see what I was doing, in the day to day, …

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Jun 26

Physician heal thyself

Its Day 26 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge, making it long past time for a story. So here we go. Once upon a time, there was a twittering, blogging, librarian mum, who was up early on a Saturday morning, pondering those things that twittering, blogging, librarian mums ponder when they have had …

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Jun 24


Its Day 24 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and I have discovered something about myself in my new role. When I first started as Branch Manager, I thought it would be good, but I knew I was going to miss all the IT and social network stuff that I had been working …

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Jul 29

Blogging after all these years

Its my fourth anniversary of blogging, my blogiversary.  On the 29th July 2005, I posted my first entry to Connecting Librarian, at that time at  Four years later and wow, what a ride! I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now.  Even considered stopping altogether, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Although …

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Jan 14

My new perspective on reading

A librarian blogging about reading – how unusual!  Only joking of course.  Amazingly, I have had the subject of reading pottering around my head for just about forever, but it has come to the fore a bit more recently due to several insightful items I have read and also more forcefully due to a personal …

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Dec 30

A yearly review – back over 2008 and forward to 2009

I have been doing reviews for everything ranging from our library’s main blog to our family Christmas letter which went out with the cards, but realised I haven’t done one for Connecting Librarian.  So here’s my year in review as a librarian and a preview of what is already planned to occur in the New …

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Oct 09

Conflict in my own head

I have been doing some work on a few different things – a paper for an upcoming conference, an application for a course and I have learnt something new about myself again in the process. I often find it difficult to get started on a writing project, regardless of whether it is a journal article, …

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Sep 18

What’s it all about

So what is Connecting Librarian all about?  My byline says it is about “Connecting new ideas and technologies with library service”.  Which it is, but it’s interesting to see whether three years of posts actually reflect this aim. Enter Wordle.   “Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.”  When it …

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Sep 14

Dreaming now and beyond 08

No, this is not another post about the conference, but it has been inspired by it, particularly inspired by the wonderful Stephen Abrams, who always manages to inspire. JPhilipson Basically, he told us that we need to be dreaming, about our current positions and about the future – our future careers and the future of …

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