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Part-time librarian, full-time wife and mother, who loves working in a public library and playing with virtual services and new technologies.

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VALA 2008 Conference – Day 1 – Andy Powell Plenary

I was planning to live blog the sessions at VALA 2008.  Unfortunately, the wireless at the Melbourne Convention Centre is patchy at best and non-existent in the auditoriums. So it was note taking on the computer and now cut and paste into my blog at 11pm at night. Still, its been a great first day …

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New reports make interesting reading

Have a big week coming up – attending and giving a short showcase at VALA in Melbourne. So before I start blogging that (hopefully live), I thought give my readers some interesting things to read. Pew/Internet regularly produces reports related to online use. One of the latest was conducted with the Graduate School of Library …

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Librarian 2.0 not Library 2.0

I have finally caught up on all my reading, amongst which was a very thought provoking post by John Blyberg entitled “Library 2.0 Debased“, which in turn was inspired by Kate Sheehan’s post “Are librarians culturally self-aware“. I recommend you check out both posts as well as the comments, there is some interesting reading there. …

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Common Craft videos explain social media

Whilst I catch up on quite a bit of reading and get my head around my next planned post, whilst also getting my children ready for school (with my son starting Grade Prep) I thought I would point out a great resource. Many of you would already have seen at least some of these, but …

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Leadership – what is it really all about?

I have been reading some great memes and reviews of people’s 2007 in various library blogs and was going to do the same for my first post.  However, my Christmas and New Year were nothing to write home about and I find myself more and more looking to the future in a wide variety of …

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Merry Christmas

We don’t usually get a White Christmas here in Australia (although some places did last year), so the usual Christmas carols don’t work as well here. We have an Australian version of Jingle Bells, called appropriately Aussie Jingle Bells and Six White Boomers, from an ex-patriot Australian son – Rolf Harris. Wishing you all a …

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Change to subscription

It was wishful thinking I know. I so wanted my changeover of blog location to be painful only to me and not to my subscribers, but unfortunately it’s not to be. If you want to continue subscribing to Connecting Librarian, can you please change your feed to http://www.feedburner.com/ConnectingLibrarian. The RSS button at top right of …

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Welcome to the new home of Connecting Librarian

Welcome to the new home of Connecting Librarian.  I decided that if I was going to take blogging seriously (as was my intent), then I needed to have a serious home.  So I have taken the plunge, grabbed my domain name, downloaded and am still playing with my Word Press installation and here I am. …

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