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Name: Michelle McLean
Date registered: December 18, 2007
URL: http://connectinglibrarian.com/


Part-time librarian, full-time wife and mother, who loves working in a public library and playing with virtual services and new technologies.

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Jun 28

Blog every day of June – Teamwork – Sat 28 June

I worked at our biggest branch today. It was quite busy already, but made busier and more of a challenge by a couple of unexpected situations. First, we had to send one of our team members to another library, that had two staff call in sick.  Second, our phones were playing up (just had a …

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Jun 27

Blog every day of June – Website redesign can be good because….. – Fri 27 June

We are in the early stages of producing our new website. Many of you would know how long and complicated such a process can be, but it has to be done. To improve usability, to give the site a fresh look and to enhance our online services. But some other benefits can come out of …

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Jun 26

Blog every day of June – Paperless office?? – Thu 26 June

We all heard the stories.  Computers were going to eliminate the need for paper and we would all experience the tidiness, efficiency and eco-friendly environment of the paperless office. This was emphasised for me again today at my office.  I work in our regional headquarters and this was the paper that I utilised today: printed …

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Jun 25

Blog every day of June – From whence we came – tech version – Wed 25 June

One of our managers is retiring.  We have worked together in the same library for decades and as both our roles have had a technology focus, we have seen a wide range of changes in that time. As she has been cleaning out her files and organising things for the new manager, she has discovered …

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Jun 24

Blog every day of June – Finding inspiration – Tue 24 June

Was sitting at my computer looking for a topic to blog about today, basically looking for inspiration, when I realised the irony, because that was to be my topic. So where do you find your inspiration with your library work? I find it in the most amazing places. In an offhand comment by a colleague …

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Jun 23

Blog every day of June – Future of libraries – Mon 23 June

ALIA has produced a series of reports entitled Future of the Library and Information Science Profession. The project aimed to answer the following questions: How will libraries remain relevant for users? What changes will institutions and individuals in the sector experience? Will ‘library and information professional’ continue to be a necessary and desirable occupation? I say …

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Jun 22

Blog every day of June – Celebrating achievements – Sun 22nd June

We are very low key in libraries and besides major anniversaries of our library branches, or are introducing a new whiz-bang service, we rarely make a fuss. But we need to.  We need to celebrate our achievements – our personal ones as well as our organisational ones. I was looking back at last year’s Blog …

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Jun 21

Blog every day of June – Mobile device friendly libraries – Sat 21 June

We all know how much tablets, smart phones and similar devices have penetrated our society.  A look around you when you travel, when you’re in a cafe or even in your library, will show many different people working on many different devices. How easy do we make it for our users to use library services …

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Jun 20

Blog every day of June – Clearing the deck – Fri 20 June 2014

I had an awesome day at work today.  Today I finished lots of little jobs that has been on my to-do list for a while and I also got started on some bigger projects that have been taking more mental energy than physical. So as a reward to us all, for a job well done, …

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Jun 19

Blog every day of June – Book reviews as professional development – Thu 19 June

I believe in taking responsibility for your own professional development and not relying on your employer to provide all your training.  There are other things, besides attending training, that you can do to help you develop as a librarian. One of those ‘other’ things is writing book reviews. I love writing book reviews for a …

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