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Part-time librarian, full-time wife and mother, who loves working in a public library and playing with virtual services and new technologies.

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ALIA Online 2019 – Day 3

Day 3 – Thursday 14th February 2019   Revitalising first nations languages: keeping culture strong in the digital world – Terry Janke Estimate that there are only 20 Indigenous languages being used in every day speech. 90% of languages are endangered and because they are an oral race, there is limits to what is written …

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ALIA Online 2019 – Day 2

Day 2 – Wednesday 13th February 2019 Connecting with users and enriching the library experience in the digital age – Carla Hayden (Librarian of Congress) The importance of reading can not be underplayed. In USA history, African Americans who learnt to read were severely punished, as were the people who taught them to read. “Palaces …

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ALIA Online 2019 – Day 1

Day 1 – Tuesday 12 February 2019 Genevieve Bell – Wonder in the age of AI: art, creativity and possibility SIRAC, the first computer stored memory, began its life at Sydney, but then most of its life at Melbourne University. It taught an entire generation about computers and it was used to process data about …

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VALA 2018 – Day Three – Thursday 15 February – Disruption Day

And finally – great finish to a great conference. ————————————————————– Keynote 5 – The C Equation: Content + Connection + Community = Contented Customers – David Lee King Content – libraries have traditional forms of content, but also more cutting-edge forms. Some examples are ukuleles for loan, guitars, electronic EDM devices, checking things out to …

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VALA 2018 – Day Two – Wednesday 14 February – Data Day

And here are my notes from Day 2 – not including of course, the presentation that I gave with my manager Daniel Lewis. ————————————————————————————– VALA Conference 2018 – Wednesday 13 February Plenary 3 – Linked Data Liminality – Matt Miller Matt is a Metadata Librarian, programmer/developer, adjutant at a library school, worked in public and …

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VALA 2018 – Day One – Tuesday 13 February – GLAM Day

Wow, it’s been two years since I posted here.  How do I know? My last posts were about VALA 2016.  And now I am back with my VALA 2018 notes.   I must post here more often.  🙂 Anyway, it was another great conference and it was my honour to be on the program committee to …

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VALA 2016 – Day Three – Nancy Proctor, Karen Lauritson and so much more

On Day Three I both chaired a session and presented in another, so there are less notes, but I hope you still find them helpful/useful.   The museum as startup – Nancy Proctor (Baltimore Museum of Art) Startup – human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty – …

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VALA 2016 – Day One – R. David Lankes, Lee Rainie and so much more

Always take away great thoughts and ideas from VALA – here’s what I got from Day 1.   Librarianship: saving the world one community at a time – Dr R David Lankes Technology advances have made the world a smaller place. Expectmorelibrary.com. Not all is well in the world and librarians have a part to …

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Leadership Learning Forum – State Library of Victoria – Marianne Broadbent

I was fortunate enough to attend the most recent of these annual events, with guest speaker Marianne Broadbent.  She was a very thought provoking speaker. Hope you get as much out of my notes as I did from attending the session. Marianne Broadbent – Implementing 21st Leadership at Multiple Levels Good skills to have are …

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