Blog every day of June – Security is the next big concern – Thurday 12 June

Public Libraries Victoria Network has a number of special interest groups, including ICT of which I am a part.  We organise and run one or two seminars a year for public library staff in Victoria and have covered RFID, mobile devices, downloadables, digital content, an unconference and more.

We were talking about organising our next big seminar and decided that there was no ‘next big thing’ that hadn’t already been covered by us or someone else, which brought us around to security.

With everything moving to the cloud, we have decided to focus our next event on security.  This seminar will give a basic background to cloud computing, offer information on security concerns coming from things like near field communications, examine how the National Privacy Principles affect what we do and hopefully hear (briefly) from our vendors about how they are ensuring our data security and privacy.  This is all a work in progress, so likely the outline will change before it is finalised and we go ahead with it later in the year.

Library staff are not the only ones concerned about it, so are insurance companies, governments, big web companies, banks and more.

In order to provide an event keyed to library concerns, I would love to hear what your library security concerns are.  I have already heard of one story where a teens card has been closed to the guarantor who signed for it.???????

Any horror stories, or positive outcomes would be appreciated.  And then when the day is run, I will post my notes from it so that everyone can benefit.