Blog every day of June – Giving back to the profession – Sat 7 June

I love my job and I love my profession. So how can I give back to something that has given so much to me?

Well this blog is one way. Β I can share my experiences, learning, training and more with anyone who cares to seek it out. (and thanks to all of you that do). Β It has a secondary benefit in that it makes for a very detailed training report as well. Β πŸ™‚ Β Many of my colleagues also do a great job of sharing great resources through social media.

Getting involved in library associations, like VALA and ALIA is another good way. Β Its one thing to attend the great conferences and events they host, its another to be involved in the hosting – giving back

Get involved in your sector’s library group. For me in Victorian public libraries its the Public Library Victoria Network, and in particular the ICT Special Interest Group. I not only have been able to give back through this group, but have also received so much from these wonderful sharing people.

Write! Write! Write! Tell the library world about the great things that are happening in your library. Β Whether it be for Incite – or a more scholarly journal, or a conference proposal – give it a try. You may not think your project is worthy, but there would be plenty out there who would disagree. Β And there are never enough stories……

It may be daunting, but from one who has been in all those arenas, it is so worth it. Β Although it is a great way to give to the profession, you end up getting more than you receive.