Blog every day of June – Sometimes days surprise you – Thu 5 June

Today was full of little surprises….

I had a meeting at a new library today. The surprise there was that it was even more awesome than I expected. An added bonus was catching up with colleagues from another library service I hadn’t seen in while and being able to bring back some great ideas to my own library.

I came back to the office, to discover that the hot water service in our staff kitchen had died and flooded half the staff area – leaving the carpet mucky. That was a surprise, but fortunately for me, not one I had to clean up.

Then I got an email that gave me the renewal price for one of our online resources, one that I have been waiting for to finalise my budget and it was CHEAPER than I expected, by a reasonable amount. That just NEVER happens.

Then I got some positive feedback and some great advice and encouragement from my managers – they are really good at providing this, but I was not expecting it today (being such a busy day), so that was good.

We have our fair share of surprises, good and bad in our work. Some of mine have included finding the library has been robbed, discovering a gift left for me by a grateful patron, bumping into a colleague from university who I hadn’t seen since graduation and too many more to mention.

What are some of your favourite surprises from your library? Β The good would be better, but I will commiserate with the bad as well. Β πŸ™‚


    • Sonja on June 6, 2014 at 12:57 am

    On a weekly basis, I’m surprised how often people use strands of hair as bookmarks.

    On a half-yearly basis, I’m surprised as to why readers hoard ILL straps, but I’m glad they return them.

    I’ve had some really unusual borrower gifts over the years – muesli bars, chocolates, books (!?), etc.

  1. Wow, hair? And we have the same problem with ILL straps, no matter how obvious we make them. (at least they don’t keep them in perpetuity as bookmarks, lol. Books as gifts – awesome!

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